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Who Are Our Clients

We focus on working with the type of clients we have the skill set, the tools, the experience and a long history of success helping.

We have found one of the key roadblocks to starting your financial plan is a complicated process. At Capital Income Advisors, we have removed the barriers to getting started on your plan with an easy ten minute and six question process.

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Here is what our clientele looks like

They want financial confidence. They often have multiple retirement accounts, which they aren't managing well (or at all). They want to know if they will ever be able to retire, and when they do retire will they be able to have the same standard of living they have worked so hard to reach.

They want a financial plan

  • They value having a road map to follow, and someone to guide them along the path.
  • They want a team that will point out the pitfalls and someone that will help them work towards their goals.
  • They want a financial plan that stays current with their life changes and is updated every time they meet with their advisor.
  • They want to be able to access their plan online, at any time.
  • Transparency is important to them.
  • They value a professional relationship.

Click here to watch a short video to learn more about the Wealth Design Center.

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Client Focus

  • Corporate Executives
  • Management & Union Employees
  • Pre-Retiree/Retiree

Our investment management service is most appropriate for portfolios over $250,000.

Comfortable with technology

The majority of our meetings are held virtually. Our clients appreciate the flexibility technology gives them.

Our clients are located all over the United States. Our technology allows us to effectively communicate and serve our clients at the highest level.

See what clients experience when working with us by viewing some snapshots of our Wealth Design Center.

Wealth Design Center

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