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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting to Know CIA

Who is CIA

  • CIA is an indepent financial advisory firm. We provide complete financial planning for clients located in different states around the country. We work both online and through in-person meetings. We operate in a Fiduciary capacity, putting our client's best interests first.

How do fees work?

  • CIA charges account management fees in accordance with Fiduciary guidelines. Our fees are stated annually, but typically charged on a quarterly basis (1/4 of annual fee). Our fee structure includes all services we provide, in addition to asset management. We offer, income planning, tax planning, asset protection, debt management and estate planning. During our financial planning we recommend certain investment products from time to time. We are compensated directly from those providers, but we do not charge advisory fees on that portion of your account.

How is CIA different?

  • CIA blends old school traditional financial planning with new school technology. Our relationshiops are based on trust and offering advice based on our client's best interest. We comprehensively look at our client's financial lives. We've found over time that a typical new client doesn't have a plan, just pieces to a plan that haven't been put together. We offer full transparency in our account management allowing clients to see every aspect of their account. Our technology solutions also provide a complete financial picutre in a single login environment allowing you to see a snapshot from either you computer, tablet or phone app.

How safe is your money?

  • CIA offers advice as a fiduciary, and we help you manage your money. We do this work as two legal entities—Arbor Point, LLC, which is an SEC-registered investment advisor, and Securities America, an SEC-registered broker-dealer, regulated by FINRA. Your money is protected through Securities America's membership in SIPC, insuring investors up to $500,000 (including $250,000 in claims for cash). Note that SIPC does not protect against market loss or market changes in your account. Learn more in SIPC’s explanatory brochure.

Getting Started

What solutions does CIA offer?

  • We are an independent advisory firm. We can choose our custodian relationship based on our investment recommendations we feel are most suitable for you. We are able to offer stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, index funds, CD's, annuities, life insurance, real estate investment trusts and most other investment categories. Certain investments require additional qualifications based on net worth and income.

    Our portfolio strategy is to manage risk first and return second. Read here for more information on our portfolios

How do I move my money to CIA?

  • There are two primary ways to move money to CIA

    1. Transfer your existing account at a different firm to us. This is typically initiated by our firm. We require you sign transfer paperwork as well as provide a most recent copy of your current statement. This allows us to confirm all assets were indeed transferred. This usually takes about 10 business days. We are also happy to provide a letter to your existing firm in regards to the transfer.

    2. Rolling over an existing company plan such as 401(k), 403(b) or 457. The process depends on your existing administrator. Some firms will accept a verbal authorization over the phone and some require a distribution form that we help you fill out. This form simply gives direction on where to send your existing company plan funds to. When done correclty there are no tax or penalty issues. We would strongly recommend you consult with one of our advisors before going about this on your own.

What type of accounts does CIA offer?

  • CIA will work to help you pursue many different financial goals.

    One way we do this is by offering different account types that align with your goals. The baseline account type is a personal taxable account. We also offer joint accounts for partners and spouses.

    For your retirement savings, you can open IRAs, including traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, or SEP IRAs. To help you make plans for your beneficiaries, we also support trust accounts.

    You can open any of these account types once you sign up. You can also align each of your accounts to a different investment goal.

    There are some account types CIA does not offer, including: Custodial or minor accounts (e.g., UTMA), health savings accounts, or solo 401(k) plans.

Who do I call for help?

  • At CIA, we work as a team. Your advisor's job is to provide you with the best possible advice to suit your situation. With all the moving parts there are bound to be a number of questions that come up such as: requesting distributions, transferring accounts, establishing additional accounts, changing an address, updating a beneficiary, etc. For these types of requests, our client service team is happy and able to support. You will have a consistent voice you will also establish a relationship with on the service side of your account, but for any questions regarding planning or advice on your account you would be directed to your advisor.

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