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Merck Benefits Planning

Educating and helping our clients understand their Merck benefits is one the very first steps in our planning process. Whether you are Legacy Merck, Legacy Schering Plough or have now moved to Organon, maximizing your benefits can help improve the success of your retirement plan. It all starts with where to find the information and familiarizing yourself with the websites below. We look forward to assisting you with your financial planning! 

Merck Pension Calculator

As a Merck employee/retiree, your pension will play an integral part of your retirement plan. Running multiple projections and comparing the Lump Sum vs Annuity are important parts of the planning process. 

Pension Calculator

Merck 401(k) and Insurance Benefits

Reviewing your 401(k) on a quarterly basis may increase your odds of a successful retirement. Do you fully understand your retiree healthcare? Do you have appropriate life insurance coverage?

Fidelity NetBenefits

Merck Restricted Stock Plan

When do they vest? When should you sell? How will separation or retirement planning impact your shares? Create a plan for your RSU's.

MS Stock Plan Connect

Social Security Estimates

Understand your Social Security benefit and how to maximize what you receive.

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Social Security Estimator